We are a small winery situated in central Slovakia in a little village - Devičie. We became enchanted by not only the village, its location and history intertwined with winemaking, but also by nice people and over a hundred of wine cellars dug into a volcanic rock that can be found here. In 2018, we turned a charming old stone house into a winery, started to produce our own wine and begun to prepare our own land for ecofriendly planting of vynes/vineyard. Since 2019, we are a certified BIO winery.

This project has been born out of love between David and Darina with support of Andrej and Hilda. Each of them dedicated their respective experiences and talents. We are passionate about our winery and we cherish and savor the result of our work made tangible in a glass.

What else...

  • We offer tastings at our winery
  • We offer tastings at hotels, restaurants, winebars and events
  • We offer the creation of a wine list
  • We offer gift bundles for businesses
  • A day with a wine maker
  • We offer french wine glasses and other accessorize related to wine

For more information and price offer please contact us.


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