Our first wine was born in 2018 out of organic quality grapes (hand picked) grown in central Slovakian winemaking region. We buy our grapes from a friend winemaker. The grapes are handpicked, organic certified.

Once our own vineyards, which we are planting, bears fruit, we will have additional grapes from our own eco vineyards. By respecting the nature, we enable the grape to emerge in its natural beauty. Our wines are produced with passion and love and contain only grapes and a pinch of sulfur.

We do not bind our wine by exact recipe. The wine shall be as the grapes are. We believe that from good grapes, we will produce good wine with minimum interference and additives.

Fermentation takes place spontaneously, bottling is being done by gravity. We try to add nothing to the wine and follow and observe the natural process.

We (sincerely) believe that you will like it too :-)

We offer our wines in 0,75 liter and 1,5 liter (magnum).

Wine can be ordered by email or phone and minimum order is box of 6 bottles.