We are a small winery situated in central Slovakia in a little village - Devičie. We became enchanted by not only the village, its location and history intertwined with winemaking, but also by nice people and over a hundred of wine cellars dug into a volcanic rock that can be found here.

In 2018, we turned a charming old stone house into a winery, started to produce our own wine and begun to prepare our own land for ecofriendly planting of vynes/vineyard. Since 2019, we are a certified BIO winery...



David Papillon is French, a wine maker and a sommelier.

Papillon means “butterfly” in French, hence the logo.

Translated VÍNO OD FRANCÚZA means “Wine from a French guy”.

We produce our wine using approaches he has learned in France...



Our first wine was born in 2018 out of organic quality grapes (hand picked) grown in central Slovakian winemaking region. We buy our grapes from a friend winemaker. The grapes are handpicked, organic certified.

Once our own vineyards, which we are planting, bears fruit, we will have additional grapes from our own eco vineyards. By respecting the nature, we enable the grape to emerge in its natural beauty.

Wines available for sale


Since 2018 we are cultivating our own land directly in Devičie preparing to plant the vineyard using eco-friendly farming methods. We believe that in the healthy soil we can raise a healthy vineyard.

All we do is in harmony with the nature so the whole ecosystem functions as a single entity.

The analysis of the soil showed us that this volcanic soil (from Sitno volcano) has an excellent potential for producing good and first-rate grapes. We started planting our vineyards in April 2020.