Wine 2019


Gonepteryx is latin name for brimstone (yellow butterfly)

Dry, white wine made in Slovakia. Mix of vintages 2019 and 2020. Spontaneous fermentation, unfiltered, unfined, botteled by gravity. Made with love, respecting grapes and without additives.


Grapes variety: Gewurztraminer

Year of planting: 2010

Whole bunches of grapes pressed

Maturing: 16 and 4 months in a fiberglass tank

Bottled: January 12, 2021

Alcohol: 13,5% vol

Total sulfur (sulfur dioxide): 25 mg/l

Free sulfur: 5 mg/l

Residual sugar: 0,4 mg/l

Organic certified

BUBLINKY, version: rosé 19 (Bubbles)

grape variety: Pinot noir

Vypredané - Sold out - Épuisé

Bublinky – means BUBBLES in Slovak language.

Pink, dry, sparkling natural wine produced by the “pétillant naturel” method, no additives.

Elegant subtle bubbles, fresh fruity taste. The “pétillant naturel” method – PÉT NAT, means that the wine is being bottled during its first fermentation, which then finishes spontaneously in the bottle. Thereafter we “blast off” the sediments – this process is called disgorging – and the wine is finished :-)

Year of planting: 2004-2014

Macerated 9 hours on skin

Maturing: 9 months in bottles

Disgorged: 8.6.2020

Alcohol: 13,5 % vol

Total sulfur (sulfur dioxide): 18 mg/l

Free sulfur: 5 mg/l

Residual sugar: 7 mg/l

BIO – ORGANIC certified