Wine 2019

BUBLINKY, version: rosé 19 (Bubbles)

grape variety: Pinot noir

Vypredané - Sold out - Épuisé

Bublinky – means BUBBLES in Slovak language.

Pink, dry, sparkling natural wine produced by the “pétillant naturel” method, no additives.

Elegant subtle bubbles, fresh fruity taste. The “pétillant naturel” method – PÉT NAT, means that the wine is being bottled during its first fermentation, which then finishes spontaneously in the bottle. Thereafter we “blast off” the sediments – this process is called disgorging – and the wine is finished :-)

Year of planting: 2004-2014

Macerated 9 hours on skin,

Maturing: 9 months in bottles

Disgorged: 8.6.2020

Alcohol: 13,5 % vol

Total sulfur (sulfur dioxide): 17 mg/l

Free sulfur: 5 mg/l

Residual sugar: 7 mg/l